Join an organi­za­tion advocating for nurses and dedicated to improving the health of individ­uals and families in Washington state.

Labor Counsel #

The Washington State Nurses Associ­a­tion is the leading voice and advocate for nurses in Washington. We repre­sent more than 17,000 collec­tive bargaining members and the profes­sional inter­ests of more than 103,000 regis­tered nurses. For more than 100 years, WSNA has champi­oned issues that support nurses, advance profes­sional standards, and improve the health of individ­uals and families in Washington state. 

We are seeking a committed profes­sional attorney with special­ized experi­ence in labor and employ­ment law, dealing primarily with the relation­ships between employers and unions. Candi­dates must have experi­ence in collec­tive bargaining, both public and private preferred. Experi­ence to include contract negoti­a­tions, drafting, and preparation.

Excel­lent commu­ni­ca­tion (oral and written) and inter­per­sonal skills within and across depart­ments and exter­nally is required. Must be able to work indepen­dently and as a team player with flexi­bility and be willing to work on a broad range of legal matters.

Must be eligible for admis­sion to Washington State Bar Associ­a­tion. Minimum 4 – 6 years of experi­ence in labor law and must have demon­strated commit­ment to social justice and the labor movement. 

The appli­cant should have excel­lent research, writing and analyt­ical skills, be able to multi-task and manage multiple projects, be capable of handling assign­ments with minimal super­vi­sion, and work well in a colle­gial setting with other attor­neys and staff. See the position descrip­tion that follows.

Excel­lent benefits package. Women, people of color, and LGBTQ people encour­aged to apply.

Position Summary

Labor Counsel repre­sents WSNA in contract negoti­a­tions and provides consul­ta­tion to WSNA staff. WSNA member­ship in labor relations matters before Federal, State and local regula­tory agencies and courts.

Duties and Respon­si­bil­i­ties Common to All Positions

  • Supports WSNA Purpose, Mission, Vision, Goals
  • Works with others, role modeling collab­o­ra­tion, commu­ni­ca­tion and teamwork Strives for excel­lence in work performance
  • Remains current in field of expertise
  • Performs other duties as assigned to meet associ­a­tion needs including partic­i­pa­tion in staff teams, committees
  • Acquires and maintains knowl­edge of Microsoft Office

Duties and Responsibilities

Consis­tent with the direc­tion of the General Counsel(s):

  1. Repre­sents WSNA and its members in contract negoti­a­tions, media­tions and settle­ment meetings.
  2. Collab­o­rates with staff in managing field campaigns and related communications.
  3. Develops and dissem­i­nates infor­ma­tion through WSNA commu­ni­ca­tion vehicles.
  4. Repre­sents WSNA and its members in representation/​decertification proceedings.
  5. Repre­sents WSNA and its members in unfair labor practice proceedings.
  6. Repre­sents WSNA and its members in arbitrations.
  7. Collab­o­rates in the devel­op­ment and presen­ta­tion of training programs for local unit officers and membership 
  8. Remains current in labor law, rules and regula­tions of governing agencies that impact the Economic and General Welfare (E&GW) program and WSNA.


  • Juris Doctorate required.
  • Admis­sion to the Washington State Bar required.

Essen­tial Skills/​Competencies

  • Four to six years’ experi­ence in labor law.
  • Experi­ence in labor relations, health care, economics preferred.
  • Experi­ence as labor negotiator including contract negoti­a­tions, writing contract language, costing contracts and coordi­nating related activ­i­ties; serving as chief spokesperson.
  • Strategic thinker and ability to under­stand workplace dynamics.
  • Ability to handle multiple prior­i­ties, organize workload, and take initiative.

Physical require­ments

This job requires:

  • Some travel and atten­dance at out of office events.
  • A valid driver’s license in the state of residence and access to an opera­tional motor vehicle that is currently insured.

Nurse Representative #

Atten­tion Regis­tered Nurses: Are you seeking a change and ready for a challenge? WSNA may be what you’re looking for!

We are offering an exciting oppor­tu­nity for an experi­enced regis­tered nurse who wants to shift their career path a bit.

  • Are you inter­ested in helping nurses advocate for and empower each other to enforce their collec­tive bargaining agree­ment leading to meaningful changes in the workplace?
  • Are you inter­ested in being part of the solutions nurses desper­ately need to ensure their ability to practice safely?
  • Are you inter­ested in using your knowl­edge, skills and nursing experi­ence to recruit, organize and inspire nurses throughout Washington State?
  • Are you ready to educate and advise nurses to fulfill their poten­tial as advocates for the profes­sion by helping them develop the tools they need to be respected in the collab­o­ra­tive problem-solving process?

WSNA is now accepting appli­ca­tions for the Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive position. This position is covered by a collec­tive bargaining agree­ment and is an office-based position in the Spokane area.

We are seeking an experi­enced regis­tered nurse to work in our labor program. Union background is preferred. Flexible schedule and travel are required.